A New Voice, A Fresh Perspective

Welcome to Voice over Work.  My name is Russell Newton.

Voice over Work is my tongue-in-cheek variation on the industry term and exists to inform, enlighten, and encourage individuals interested in or pursuing any kind of Voice over Work. It is a record of my steps into the industry, with some insights, advice, and rants along the way.

I have spent a good portion of my adult life in front of groups of people teaching, announcing, narrating, coaching & refereeing, and even singing, in addition to a great deal of time at/working with mixers, amp racks, light boards, tape decks, and DAWs producing audio and video of one type or another. The professional move into VO is the result of a perfect storm of technical experience, audio engineering, vocal characteristics, and the desire for a professional move away from physical work. Hence, Voice over Work.

I am a seasoned performer, public speaker, and audio engineer bringing a fresh perspective to vocal performance. My goal is to set myself apart in the voiceover field by providing a performance that complements your manuscript, coupled with the highest level of customer service possible. I will provide effective communication at every stage of the production, keeping you informed and up-to-date on the progress of YOUR audiobook. My performances can be self-directed if you wish, but I always welcome your direction; my definitive goal is to enhance your recognition and reputation as an author/publisher and to contribute to the ultimate success of your manuscript.

Along with my commitment to your project and a high level of customer service, you will receive a recording of a pleasant, resonant bass voice with slight mid-western/southern influences, recorded using industry standard equipment and edited utilizing minimal processing to provide you with a clean, clear interpretation of your book. My interpretations are effective, true to the text, and devoid of overly dramatic theatrics. The strength of the production is in your words, and my presentation will remain true to that by enriching the message of the manuscript rather than detracting from it.

In addition to publishing over 250 audiobooks across diverse genres, I have decades of experience in public speaking, private/Christian education, corporate training, event announcing, and CD/DVD production. Each of these activities has contributed to my advanced knowledge and skill in audio performance, sound engineering, and production.

I specialize in long-form, unvoiced or partially-voiced narrations, with expertise in voicing technical documents or other scripts containing acronyms, scientific nomenclature, foreign phrases, medical/legal terms, and technical terminology.

I will give special consideration in contract rates or production schedules for non-fiction works pertaining to military servicemen or their families and religious or biblical titles.

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