A few of my favorite clients are listed below – very talented authors/publishers that were great to work with and get to know.  Click on their names to read the full text and learn a little more about them and their work.

Author Maria Kuroshchepova

I see him as the ultimate narrator for old-fashioned murder mysteries and noir-style action and adventure stories, intelligent and suave, with just the right bit of swagger to infuse the material with energy and life.


Author Dr. Mary Jane Ingui and husband, Bill – Ingui Associates, LLC

When you chose to work with Russell Newton, you gain an appreciation of what “dedication to one’s craft” really means. He consistently met the timetable we presented, answered every question we had … and became a distant friend who truly understood our need.
When any word needed a different pronunciation, some of which were locations in Vietnam, Mr. Newton was always … really “always” receptive to our request for modification.


Author Som Bothla

Russell is thoroughly professional and adept in what he does. I’ve found him delivering error free voice experience in an engaging tone for all my personal development/self-help books.
If you are looking for a consistent and flowing narrating experience and time is also important for you, Russell is the go to person.