Global Crisis, National Renewal: A (Revolutionary) Grand Strategy by: Charles Hugh Smith

National Security is not just military force. In an age of scarcity, security is a degrowth economy of energy independence, social cohesion and civic virtue.
All nations, including the United States, face systemic crises that are reinforcing each other at an explosive point in history. The threats to the republic are unprecedented, but the status quo is incapable of understanding that conventional responses are an accelerant of fatal synergies: the status quo is now the problem rather than the solution.

These novel crises demand an entirely new Grand Strategy. The emergence of solutions is not pre-ordained; the collapse of the state is also a possibility, though far from an ideal one.
The global crisis offers an opportunity to redraw America’s Grand Strategy from the ground up. Should we fail to make full use of this opportunity, the United States will fail, along with all the other nation-states that are incapable of redefining the problems so that new solutions become possible.
This revolutionary Grand Strategy will be the deciding factor between nation-states that fail and the few (if any) that will not just survive but actually thrive.

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