Rest Your Voice – Week 42

As you continue to explore the world of Voice over Work, you will find that your voice gets “in shape” after you work it for a while.

I started my adult life as a high school teacher, talking for most of the day. As jobs changed and I did as well, I found professions that did not require such constant speaking – until a few months ago!

When I started recording as a sideline, and as I moved into this full time, my voice stamina began to improve again, and I now find I can record as many as 4-5 hours a day without significant degradation. I also believe my voice have changed in its timbre, although I will admit that might be more of my ear becoming more attuned.

However, as you all have experienced, sometimes it is beneficial if not necessary to allow your voice to rest. And that is where I am this week, metaphorically.

For the next few weeks, correlating to the winter holidays, I will be taking some time away from the blogging and recording world to recharge, spend some time with family, and do some physical upgrades in the Cone of Silence.

If you haven’t yet, I strongly suggest you direct some of your online time to Gravy for the Brain, as there is a lot to learn there, and I find myself more and more impressed the deeper I dig.

So, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and talk to you soon!

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