In The Company of Non-strangers – Week 45

Not many of my plans actually work out. I have the phrase “Wyrd bið ful aræd” (translated on wiki as “Fate remains wholly inexorable”) tattooed on my right arm as testament to the fact that when I plan, God does indeed laugh. If you want the full insight on the theology and philosophy behind this, start with The Last Kingdom.

As we looked forward the the holiday season, I needed to ensure I had some off time to spend with family, so I departed from my obsessive and continual auditioning and for the first few weeks of December only did some occasional auditions. The first part of this plan worked quite well – I picked up a few manageable projects that I could do around the busy holiday schedule, and it was not necessary to get our house guests to tiptoe around the house and not use any running water (or the furnace) for fear of impacting a recording.

Never one to sit still for too long, thoughts soon turned to ways to solidify and continue building the Voice over Work empire. As most of you either have done, will do, or wonder about doing, I finally incorporated the business as an LLC, and will soon complete the process with the Federal EIN and a bank account! Somewhere in this process, I will actually become employed, rather than the past few months of some kind of professional limbo.

I have partnered with three brilliant, creative, and entrepreneurial individuals to form Newton Media Group LLC. As they will provide most of the profitable work in this company, I was glad to provide my name as my primary contribution. As a partnership, we will provide services in book design, graphic design, line editing, manuscript editing, photography, videography, and maybe some Voice over Work as well. This has been a desire of mine for some time, and I love it when a plan comes together.

Now, as January looms and the house returns to the -50 dB domicile where I spend so much time, there is one major part of the plan that is required for this to come together. Because the down time is actually pretty easy to find when one is self-employed. The challenge now is to get back to work and see if the slowdown was permanent!

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