Gimme a “D”…Gimme a “B” – Week 46

What’s it spell? Duh.

But what does it mean? If it was dB, being the Voice over Worker that you are, you would envision loudness measurements. And, of course, the understanding of all the physics stuff is quite important if you wish to provide good audio to your clients and the world. But we have talked about that before, and we are still on a bit of a diversion from the world of recording, so we have a different definition to discuss.

You know I have been doing this for about six months, and in that time I have produced over 130 audiobooks, as well as a smaller number of other projects such as PowerPoint modules, YouTube videos, eLearning modules, book promos, and the various forms that our work brings us. Being weak-minded as I am, I have difficulty keeping details of all the projects, titles, authors, and publishers in my head, and I realized it was well past the time that I employ some kind of management system to keep my business more organized.

As I am a computer geek, I couldn’t take the logical step of using a stable, reputable CRM system. For example, GFTB offers an appealing CRM as part of its membership that seems to provide quite a bit of value. The two recent posts with the bash code in it surely gives a clue to the direction I would take for such a challenge.

MySQL is the recognized leader in the database arena for open source implementations, and I am once again dusting off my DB skills to develop my own CRM. I am sure very few of you are familiar with the acronym FAMP – FreeBSD, Apache, MySQL, and PHP make an extremely potent combination of software for developing dynamic web pages. I am developing my portion of the Newton Media Group website on this platform for ease of maintenance and long-term data storage. Certainly not for quickness of implementation!

You don’t care much about that, and I don’t fault you for that. However, if you have not considered and/or implemented something along these lines, I strongly encourage you to take this step sooner rather than later. I have been logging my projects in standard Office type documents, copying and pasting from one spot to another as appropriate. I am outgrowing that, and you will too as you progress in your Voice over Work.

If you are working to develop yourself by utilizing webinars, podcasts, blogs, etc., you have certainly heard others talk about the two parts of Voice over Work – the Voice and the Work. You need to be giving attention to both these areas, because one by itself will not let you reach your fullest potential in this market. If you aren’t spending as much time on Work (business development, client relations, branding, marketing) as you are on Voice (performing, recording, mastering, acting), you will certainly be leaving some money on the table.

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