The Product Book – Completed

It’s my pleasure to let you all know that the production of The Product School audiobook has been completed, and it will soon be available on Audible and other fine retailers.

I used to be in the business world – this was before I hermitized into my Voice over Work profession. As a Technical Manager for the North American HQ of an international heavy building materials company, I dealt with projects and work requirements that crossed over many departments, divisions, groups, and teams. Little did I know at that point that I was on the road to being a Product Manager.

My case was certainly not unique, nor hardly uncommon! My career path was always leading me to wider, less shallow waters than many of my IT colleagues, but I enjoyed knowing a little about a lot of areas – not only in my IT roles but in actual business areas as well. Anyone else with this career path, either in progress or in mind, will learn much in listening to (or reading, if it comes to that) this book.

“No one asked you to show up.” Every experienced product manager has heard some version of those words at some point in their career. Think about a company. Engineers build the product. Designers make sure it has a great user experience and looks good. Marketing makes sure customers know about the product. Sales get potential customers to open their wallets to buy the product. What more does a company need? What does a product manager do? Based upon Product School’s curriculum, which has helped thousands of students become great product managers, The Product Book answers that question. Filled with practical advice, best practices, and expert tips, this book is here to help you succeed! Product School offers product management classes taught by real-world product managers, working at renowned tech companies like Google, Facebook, Snapchat, Airbnb, LinkedIn, PayPal, Netflix and more. The classes are designed to fit into your work schedule, and they’re offered online and in 15 campuses worldwide.

The Product Book
Retail Sample of The Product Book

My thanks to Carlos, Josh, and Gaby, for their trust, professionalism, and a completely enjoyable process of producing this book.

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