The Science of Introverts

Peter Hollins’ book The Science of Introverts: Explore the Personality Spectrum for Self-Discovery, Self-Awareness, & Self-Care. Design a Life That Fits. is now available as an audiobook.

We use the terms introvert and extrovert constantly. We use them to label ourselves and everyone we know. But what do they really mean? How much of so-called common knowledge is misconceptions and stereotypes? The Science of Introverts will uncover everything you never knew about yourself and others, and will teach you how to take advantage of who you are and capitalize on your unique strengths.

Feel comfortable and confident in your own skin.Think of The Science of Introverts as the most actionable textbook you’ve ever come across. It is filled with breakthrough and fascinating studies regarding introversion, extroversion, and personality in general — and the lessons we can take and use to enrich our lives and feel more comfortable in our unique identities. You will begin a journey of self-discovery and find practical knowledge about yourself.

The backbone of the book is a deep dive into the science of personality, with over 30 studies synthesized, including the most recent and up-to-date research on the biology of introversion and personality.

When you can understand what is pulling you in different directions, you can take charge and design a life that suits your needs, whims, and desires. This goes beyond social situations and into every aspect of your life. Knowing yourself is the key to moving towards a life you want.

Publisher’s Description

You can purchase the audiobook on and learn more about the author on his webpage.

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