Random acts of knowledge – it’s a good thing!

If you didn’t listen to the podcast, you might be running low on arcane knowledge and conversation seedlings! Here’s what we covered last week:

  • Could your business succeed with no Org Chart, no roles or responsibilities, self scheduling, and employee defined pay scales?
  • Energy producing companies are leveraging debt to push costs lower. How does this affect us and help explain some concepts in macro-economics?
  • DVORAK keyboards are widely accepted as more efficient than QWERTY. Why is it that so many market leaders are not the better products?
  • Would you expect Henry Ford to experientially validate a theory of Karl Marx? Welcome to Detroit, all you alienated production line workers!
  • Didn’t get what you wanted from your spouse for your birthday? Take some direction from the kids around Christmas time and speak up…

Listen on WordPress, or subscribe on iTunes or Spotify.

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