The Written Word, Spoken

Since the dawn of time, storytellers have enchanted audiences with their words. But there is an even rarer gift. There are those, who by reading out loud, can bring characters to life.

In her novel InkheartCornelia Funke describes the magical synergy that’s created when an author’s words are matched with a narrator’s voice.

Your goal as an author is to bring your characters to life. My goal as a narrator is to give your characters a voice, as I have for hundreds of authors.

Whatever the genre or style, an audiobook should animate your words by melding your story with the right voice. For your words, I would like to be that voice. Together we can create a beautiful production that will enchant and fascinate your audience as they hear your story come to life. 

The written word is a powerful thing, you have to be careful with it.


Categories: Voice over Work

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