Spoken Tome Media Partners for Two More Lachman Titles

One of my favorite small publishers is partnering with me again to produce two more audiobooks from the esteemed Gary Lachman.

The Secret History of Consciousness is already in the can, and will be available on Audible within a week or so. If the names Gurdjieff, Bergson, Gebser, Blavatsky, or Bucke are recognizable to you, then you probably already know about the esoteric writings of Mr. Lachman. If those name don’t do it for you, then Nietzsche and Proust are a couple more prominent names I might drop to get you to check out this book.

The Caretakers of the Cosmos audiobook is just starting into production, and should be for sale in Audible (and other fine stores where audiobooks can be downloaded) in January, 2020.

And don’t forget the previously released audio version of Lachman’s Politics and the Occult, previously announced on this very blog!

All of these productions have been brought to you by Spoken Tome Media. Check out the blog, podcast, and idea interviews on the sight if you are a fan of any of these titles.

Categories: Voice over Work

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