Learn Crowdfunding From an Experienced Author

Your First Kickstarter Campaign by Vilius Stanislovitus

63% of Kickstarter campaigns fail. Do this one thing, and you’ll be among the 37% who succeed. The one thing is pre-launch. Ask any crowdfunding creator, and they will confirm that it is the key to success. You will learn how to prepare for your first crowdfunding campaign and do pre-launch with a minimal budget by using personal efforts and delegating some work to others. This book is for Kickstarter newbies and first-time creators. It will teach and show you how to collect potential backers early, in advance, and how to plan a Kickstarter campaign from start to finish with the aim of ensuring that you get fully funded. You will understand the basics of crowdfunding, the main difference between the two most popular reward-based crowdfunding platforms: Kickstarter and Indiegogo, how to turn your idea, passion or skill into a product and how to evaluate if there’s a market demand for it.

The core part of this book is about preparation for the crowdfunding campaign: How to set crowdfunding goals and why it is important to set a low goal How to analyze similar campaigns How to define your target audience How to gather your crowd using free methods How to create a landing page that turns visitors into subscribers What are the best tools to build landing pages How to integrate your landing page with your mailing list How to warm-up leads with automated email sequence How to engage your audience How to run Facebook Ads to collect leads How to use smoke testing method to see if someone buys your product What is a pre-launch funnel and what stages it has Conversion rates that you can expect How to do media and influencer outreach

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