Common Sense

This Thomas Paine Classic Collection contains three of Thomas Paine’s most notable books: Common Sense, The Age of Reason, and The Rights of Man.

Born during the Age of Enlightenment and one of America’s Founding Fathers, Thomas Paine has written incredible works that continue to resonate with people in the modern world. Inside this collection, you’ll find some of Thomas Paine’s most famous and influential works, from his arguments against the Church to the nature of government and revolution.

Inside this audiobook you’ll discover:

Common Sense, a detailed, concise, and intellectual examination of the origin and nature of governments and their function, plus Paine’s comments on the British Constitution.

The Age of Reason, an enlightening book which challenges institutional religion and offers a deep look into the philosophical position of Deism. Attacking corruption in the Church and challenging the Bible’s legitimacy, this book shook the 18th-century religious world.

And The Rights of Man, which contains a powerful argument in defense of political revolution, using the French Revolution as an example. When the government fails to safeguard the rights of its people, Paine argues that revolution is necessary in both an articulate and elegant manner.

From becoming best sellers and shaking the foundations of the elites, to causing controversy and threats of prosecution, Thomas Paine’s classic works are a testament to 18th-century intellectualism.

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