Convert Your Audience Into Paying Customers

Inside you will find a full-proof system that will not only help you to determine the true focus of your blog but also how to be seen as an absolute authority in your field. You will also learn how to properly identify your audience to ensure you are giving them the content they want, not just in terms of usefulness, but in terms of true enjoyment so that you can be sure they will stick around to the very end of everything you write. When it comes to content marketing, there are countless books out there making countless claims, and here is another one. 

Content Marketing: How to Get 12 Months’ Worth of Ideas for Your  Blog in One Hour and Start Converting Your Audience Into Paying  Customers by Alain Magnuson.  The title of this book makes a very big claim, and don’t worry it isn’t hyperbolic or just a marketing ploy, you will find the tools you need to create the ideas you are looking for inside. The catch,  however, is that you have to read through the book in order if you hope the system to be effective. 

If you currently can’t wring a conversion out of your blog, even when giving things away for free, then it’s likely not the blog that is a problem – it’s the way you are presenting yourself and Content Marketing has you covered in that sense as well, you will learn how to ensure your reflection is an accurate reflection of who you are, or who you want your target audience to think you are. 

For production information, contact Russell Newton at Newton Media Group.  See more titles by this narrator on Audible.

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