The Voice over Work Podcast

You know that guy that reads all the time, and always has a book recommendation for you? 

Well, I read/produce hundreds of audiobooks a year, and when I read one that has good material, I feature it here. This is my Recommended Listening list. 

Check out the most recent episodes:

The Independent Thinker By Patrick King, Chapter by Chapter Voice over Work – An Audiobook Sampler

Hear it Here – Learn to ask the intelligent questions, draw insight, and analyze situations. Independent thinking is critical thinking. And critical thinking is the key to a life examined. Better decision-making, smarter reasoning, and greater mental clarity. The Independent Thinker is a guidebook on how to navigate this world, simply put. Without it, who knows what you'll get caught by. An errant fact? A confusing statistic? A belief that holds dubious truth? We are all subject to these everyday tricks! This book will teach you, from A to Z, exactly how to think. Because the skill of thinking is truly what separates the exceptional from the average. How to make sure that you aren't being fooled, tricked, or manipulated! Patrick King is an internationally bestselling author and social skills coach. His writing draws of a variety of sources, from scientific research, academic experience, coaching, and real life experience. Protect yourself from bad data, inaccurate statistics, and old wive's tales. The 3 levels of independent thought Critical reading, thinking, and even logic What Nietzsche teaches us about finding out for ourselves Why our feelings, emotions, and even memories are not reality The Paul-Elder framework of critical thinking and examination Most importantly, freedom from your own biases, past, and filters #CriticalThinker #IndependentThinker #MasteringIndependentThought #MentalClarity #Nietzsche #PatrickKing #PaulElder #SocialSkillsCoach #TheIndependentThinker #RussellNewton #NewtonMG #PatrickKing #PatrickKingConsulting #SocialSkillsCoaching Critical Thinker,Independent Thinker,Mastering Independent Thought,Mental Clarity,Nietzsche,Patrick King,PaulElder,Social Skills Coach,The Independent Thinker,Russell Newton,NewtonMG,Patrick King,Patrick King Consulting,Social Skills Coaching
  1. The Independent Thinker By Patrick King, Chapter by Chapter
  2. The Independent Thinker By: Patrick King
  3. Mathematical Thinking By Albert Rutherford, Chapter by Chapter
  4. Mathematical Thinking – For People Who Hate Math: By: Albert Rutherford
  5. DEAD IN HER BOOTS, Chapter by Chapter
  6. 30 Days to Self-Discipline
  7. DEAD IN HER BOOTS: An Absolutely Gripping JR Steele Detective Murder Mystery (Book 2) By: Bradford G. Wheler
  8. Dopamine Detox by Nick Trenton , Chapter by Chapter
  9. Dopamine Detox: Biohacking Your Way To Better Focus, Greater Happiness, and Peak Performance By: Nick Trenton
  10. Intentional Communication by Patrick King, Chapter by Chapter

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