Secrets of Mental Toughness by Dan Jacob

Do you feel mentally weak, unable to rise up to everyday challenges? Are you always feeling down, wasting time and opportunities? Do you blame the world and everyone else because you’re failing to take charge?

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Mental toughness means not letting feelings of disappointment take you over. It means leveraging the feelings of defeat to reach your goal. Mental toughness is having mental strength, and being emotionally resilient and painstakingly committed.

Secrets of Mental Toughness, the only audiobook you’ll ever need to get the mental toughness and resilience of a Fortune 500 CEO, an Olympic level athlete, or a Special Forces’ soldier.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll discover inside:

Step-by-step guide to building three main cornerstones of mental toughness
The principles behind mental toughness mindset of high level performers
Instantly destroy negative thoughts and develop superhero self-confidence
Six behaviors that make you your own worst enemy, and how to stop them and set yourself up for success
How to identify and overcome your personal hurdles, and leverage your emotional stability to win at life
Uncover your key driving force that will motivate you to give your 110 percent
And much, much more….

Fast action free bonus: Get a simple and powerful resource that will help you easily understand, quickly recall and immediately practice all your new knowledge and skills, even if you feel like you’re too old or set in your ways to change!

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