Underdog Thinking by Atul Vir

Underdog Thinking is real-life business adventure story that follows the journey of an Indian immigrant to the U.S. who was told he “didn’t know a damn thing about American business”. But as opportunity would have it, a short time later he found himself an accidental entrepreneur with a front row ticket to the ins and outs of launching and growing a business. He was flying high on his growing success – until a fateful moment when everything changed.

As businesses rise and fall to the tune of supply and demand, sometimes the harshest betrayals come out of nowhere, when you least expect it – as do the surprising sparks of hope. When an unforeseen circumstance initiates a chain of events that leave him at a crossroads he must make the tough call: to give in and give up, or push through and win. CEO, business ethics thought leader, speaker, and author Atul Vir has lived that story. And even in the darkest moments when failure seemed most imminent, he drew on the work ethic instilled from his earliest days, and his commitment to do right by his customers – to bring his dream up from the ashes and back to life. In his new audiobook, Underdog Thinking, Vir inspires listeners to face any challenge that comes their way – with practical business lessons for every step of the journey gleaned from his experience as both an immigrant building a business and as CEO of Equator Appliances for more than 25 years.

The audiobook dives into current themes dominating the business landscape, including: global business, overcoming failure, bootstrapping, securing financing, immigration, and what innovation truly means. While many people offer sage advice on these topics, Vir’s lessons are paired with a unique, captivating story, and more than two decades of entrepreneurial expertise in an industry dominated by much bigger players – major multinational corporations.

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