A Hackers Teleology by Charles Hugh Smith

“What every human wants is fairness, a chance to belong that offers everyone opportunities to get ahead by our own merit and a say when decisions are made.
Even before the global upheavals, our system was failing—it wasn’t fair at all. Now that it’s unraveling, it’s time for a new arrangement that’s actually sustainable on our resource-depleted planet that doesn’t favor wealthy insiders.

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Those gorging on inequality will never accept reforms that strip away their unearned privileges, and so the only practical way forward is a Hacker’s Teleology. What’s a Hacker’s Teleology? A hack is a workaround in a kludgy, broken system—a new way of connecting the dots. Teleology means the destination we end up reaching because that’s where the dots lead.
In this book I connect the dots of my own life experiences to show how a sustainably fair way of organizing human activity would work. In telling my story, I’m also telling our story, because we all share our limited-resources world and the same aspirations for fairness, belonging, getting ahead and a say in our future.
So let’s get started on an arrangement that actually works for all of us—and our world.”

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