How to Flirt with Women by Ray Asher

How To Flirt With Any Woman Successfully – The Ultimate Guide
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Are you unhappy with your dating life? Are you craving female attention and sex, but not getting them? Do you secretly feel unattractive because of some rejections you’ve faced in the past?
Flirting is the art of small talk. It includes a lot of playfulness, smooth conversation skills, and high social intelligence. In fact, with the right words, right tonality, and right “approach” – you can make ANY woman highly attracted to you.
This book is the most comprehensive guide ever written about flirting that will show you how to flirt like a pro.
Here’s a taste of what you’ll discover inside:
• Exactly what to say to make a conversation flirty and amusing
• Tonality tricks that make you look confident, funny and charismatic
• Four crucial principles of flirting that work for all women of all cultures
• How to create a “leader” frame in every conversation you have with women, and make them respect you
• The EXACT words and gestures that impress women
• How to text a girl and how to flirt online (with detailed tips for every social network)
• Techniques on how to talk to women in different places and different social situations (at work, while traveling, at restaurants, farmers’ markets – you name it!)
And much, much more…
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If you’re ready to finally learn the art of flirting with women and become an attractive guy, now is the time.

So, what are you waiting for?

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