Thinking in Algorithms: Better Problem-Solving and Decision-Making By: Albert Rutherford

Think creatively like a human. Analyze and solve problems efficiently like a computer.
Our everyday lives are filled with inefficient and ineffective decisions and solutions. Being overwhelmed by the magnitude of our problems makes it hard to think clearly. We procrastinate and overthink. Our thoughts are tainted with biases. If only there was a way to simplify our decision-making and problem-solving process and get satisfying, consistent results!

The good news is, there is!

Apply computer algorithms to your everyday problems.
Learn what algorithms are and use them for better decision-making, problem-solving, and staying on track with your plans. Become more productive, organized, finish what you start, and make better decisions.

If you feel that you’re not living up to your potential, struggle with being consistent about your habits, and would like to make quicker and better decisions, this book is for you!

Get things started immediately and finish them within your deadline.

Thinking in Algorithms presents research and scientific studies on behavioral economics, cognitive science, and neuropsychology about what constitutes a great decision, what are and how to manage its roadblocks. This is an interdisciplinary work that will help you learn how to apply computer algorithm-based solutions to your life challenges.

Know when to stop. Be efficient with your time and energy.
Albert Rutherford is an internationally bestselling author whose writing derives from various sources, such as research, coaching, academic and real-life experience.

Machine learning principles for the laymen.

– Learn to build your own problem-solving algorithms using a unique formula.
– The science of optimal stopping.
– How to overcome procrastination and overthinking using algorithms.
– Design a schedule to meet your deadlines and maximize efficiency.

Help your emotional, biased brain to make more rational and predictable decisions and follow through plans using algorithm-based problem-solving today!

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