30 Days to Self Discipline audiobook Spotlight – 10 Exercises by Peter Hollins

Before we jump into the activities themselves, we need to come up with and formulate the goal of this plan. What are we trying to achieve, and what gratifications are we delaying in order to do so? These are a few of the questions you need to answer before you start out on this journey. The first third of this plan, which can be completed over a week, is all about self-reflection and planning for the future. This extends not just to the thirty days, but for as long as you can maintain the habit. As such, the first step is to craft a rough plan to start out on the larger program you’re going to be following.

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The 30-Day Plan.

00:43 Exercise 1: Figuring Out Your Goals.

03:13 Exercise 2: Making an Assessment of Rewards.

05:30 Exercise 3: Learning Abstraction.

08:11 Exercise 4: Remove All Distractions and Temptations.

11:54 Exercise 5: Set Up a System of Credits.

14:13 Exercise 6: Doing the Right Thing.

15:53 Exercise 7: Practice Self-Directed Speech.

17:28 Exercise 8: Use What-If Scenarios.

19:05 Exercise 9: Waiting Before Making a Purchase.

20:03 Exercise 10: Wait Before Opening Your Presents.

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