Built For Stealth audiobook: Key Principles for Building a Great Life by: Scott Allan

Imagine your life as it unfolds in the next ten years. How do you want it to materialize? What is the story you’re creating for yourself? What experiences do you visualize having? How is your dream going to be realized? What are you willing to do to make it happen?

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You Are the Architect of Your Own Destiny…and this is your Master Blueprint for Success.

In Built for Stealth, Scott Allan provides battle-tested action plans that generate tangible results through taking consistent massive action. Built for Stealth is a compilation of the best frameworks created to help epic performers—just like you—push past difficult boundaries and break self-imposed limitations.
In this training, you learn to create opportunity instead of waiting for it to happen. You build the path that you want to take instead of treading on the path already taken. You learn from failure instead of avoiding hard things. You get to decide who you want to be, instead of someone else deciding who you should be.
In Built for Stealth, you will discover:

6 proven steps to break your bad habits
7 battle-tested methods for retraining your brain
The 11 definitive traits implemented by world-class epic performers
5 simple steps to leverage fear and become an unstoppable badass
The 7-step framework for creating continuous change
7 ways to master repetitive failure and build resilience

Optimize your life, develop into the person you are meant to be, and pivot towards mastery. Now you have the best tools and tactics to stop holding yourself back and do whatever it takes to reach your dreams and achieve your goals.

By tapping into your hidden abilities and discovering what you are truly capable of, you become unstoppable. This is the path to empowering your life, success, and everything in between.

This is how you become Built for Stealth.

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