The Backyard Homestead Guide for Self Sufficiency, Chapter by Chapter

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Do you want a self-sufficient backyard?

Looking to reduce your carbon footprint with extra support?

Growing your own food and raising your own farm animals to have a sustainable lifestyle is the best way to ensure independence while contributing to society.

You can start living more sustainably while making money at the same time right from your own home!

Imagine decreasing the cost of groceries, electricity bills, water, sewage, and more…

“The Backyard Homestead Guide for Self Sufficiency” is the only comprehensive guide you need for homesteading to help you grow and preserve food right in your backyard while raising animals for meat, eggs, and dairy. You will also learn how you can save money while making money at the same time!

ANYONE can learn from this easy-to-follow guide no matter your finances, location, or experience with homesteading. Whether you’re just establishing or improving a homestead for sustainable living, using this will help you avoid making expensive rookie mistakes also.

Inside the Backyard Homestead Guide for Self-sufficiency, you’re going to learn:

How to be fully equipped before starting out as a homesteader

How to plan and budget for your backyard homestead

How to run a successful homestead from your apartment

How to start a successful food production effort from a small space

How to improve energy efficiency in your homestead

How to improve soil quality for your food production

How to keep livestock as a homesteader

How to make profit while homesteading

How to conserve and recycle energy from your backyard
How to conserve water

How to preserve the food that you grow

Tips on keeping your crops and animals from pests and diseases
And lots more!

Let Irwin Cordero guide you on this journey who has been doing in depth research and practicing this lifestyle for over 10 years. Irwin Cordero will prevent you from spending unnecessary money, making a ton of mistakes, and taking months or even years to have a successful homestead.

Irwin Cordero has a passion to help people discover new and effective ways to make their homesteading lifestyle more enjoyable and profitable because he believes the planet needs more people to contribute to these best practices in order to have a thriving life without having to relocate or buy a new property.

Creating your own backyard oasis of homegrown food and healthy animals will bring you a passionate and economically friendly life.
If you’re ready to have the best oasis homestead then waste no more time….

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