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Mechanical Actions

Two more practices you can implement into your daily routines are mechanical actions: repetitive behaviors you perform with your body that act to help your focus and thinking.

First, we come to doodling. Yes, doodling—the small scribbles or masterpieces you create in your notebooks or the tiny stick figures you draw in the margins. Apparently doodling isn’t as undesirable as we were once told in school.

American author Sunni Brown is known for extolling the power of doodling. According to her research, doodling can help you “anchor a task.”

If doodling won’t work for you, then use the general idea of visual stimuli to help you. When you need to brainstorm ideas, try a pen and paper diagram with as many visual representations as you can come up with.

The second mechanical action is … chewing gum.

How can something as easy as chewing gum help you improve your focus?

Well, research conducted by the British Journal of Psychology shows that chewing gum increases the oxygen flow to certain parts of your brain that are responsible for your attention span—the prefrontal cortex, which resides over what are generally known as executive functions.

Even though it seems hard to believe, gum might just be the answer to your struggling work cycle. It’s a cheap and easy method to try to give you the added push to get you sucked back into your work.

If you’re not a gum fan, you can still use this research to help you. Gum increases attention span because it increases oxygen flow to the brain. You can replicate this by taking short exercise breaks through your day—even just five minutes to tackle some stairs and you will be more alert.

That’s not to say you’ll immediately be able to finish that mountain of work you’ve been avoiding for far too long, but gum may just be a quick way to help get you back on track and focused once more.

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