Improve Your Emotional Control – Calm Your Emotions audiobook spotlight By Nick Trenton

Distress is a natural part of life.

Every person at some point or another needs to face discomfort and anxiety; it’s not a question of whether you’ll have to endure it, but when.

Greater tolerance to distress and anxiety can be mastered over time using just a few simple steps.

Step 1: Identify your triggers

Step 2: Pay attention to your warning signs

Step 3: Forego your escape mechanism and do the opposite

Step 4: Accept your distress and discomfort

Step 5: Making friends with distress

Whether you choose to practice an emotional exposure ladder or simply want to do your action plan when distress naturally rears its head, if you can stay with the emotion in the present, breathe, reorient your behavior, and reward any successes, you essentially train yourself toward greater emotional control and stability.

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