Ten Strategies for Excelling at Meetings – Bili Odum Audiobook Spotlight

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This book is about how to get value from meetings. Period.

Meetings, any kind of meeting, represent opportunity. And where there is opportunity, value is available to be unlocked.

When you view meetings as, ahem, a “necessary evil”, you would neither see nor exploit the hidden opportunities. There is no debate: you would be involved in very many meetings whether you like it or not! You might as well roll up your sleeves and optimise your involvement.

This book would give you implementable strategies for excelling at meetings.

This book has no fluff and fillers. The book goes straight to the point. The 70 personal strategies have been boiled down to convey the point as precisely as possible. I recognise that time is a scarce resource and I want to optimise your reading time.

Remember this, “Even good meetings can be better!”

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