CBT and ACT Techniques to Manage Stress and Crises

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00:00:45 Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
00:01:54 Cognitive Defusion
00:04:01 A Simple Example
00:06:18 So What Does Defusion Look Like?
00:07:47 Technique #1: Distancing
00:10:45 Technique #2: Labeling
00:13:38 Technique #3: Leaves On A Stream Meditation

We have spent time exploring who we are, what we’re made of, and how we got to be made that way.In this final chapter, we’re looking at ways to use self-therapy not simply to deepen our self-knowledge, but also to tackle more singular problems that emerge in everyday life.In CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), the focus is on becoming aware of and changing negative or unhelpful beliefs, as we saw in the first chapter.But what we can do at crisis points like this is use a technique from ACT, or acceptance and commitment therapy.This is where the ACT notion of acceptance comes in.Using the ACT model, we can deliberately practice defusing from our emotions and thoughts.Here are key techniques to try the next time you are feeling overwhelmed by negative emotions.Technique #1: DistancingTechnique #2: LabelingTechnique #3: Leaves on a stream meditationPractice this exercise daily and you will be surprised at how you can change your own relationship to the thoughts that pop into your mind.#ACT #ANXIETY #CBT #CognitiveBehavioralTherapy #ControlYourFuture #Defusion #Distancing #DrAaronBeck #HealYourself #Meditation #NickTrenton #SelfTherapyTechniques #Therapize #Trenton #RussellNewton #NewtonMG #HowtoTherapizeandHealYourself

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