Top Ten Habits to Make You a Better Time Manager

Time management is critical to get the most out of your day and remaining productive.
00:01:18 Set The Goals Right Away Achieving your goals at the right time is a core part of time management.
00:01:45 Prioritize Work When prioritizing work, it is better to list all your tasks and then prioritize them—set reminders about priority tasks and why you have made them your priority.
00:02:03 Audit Your Time For Seven Days Straight Auditing and taking accountability is an excellent way to manage time.
00:02:39 Start With Your Most Important Task.
00:03:08 Avoid Multitasking If you want to get more work done in a lesser time, stop multitasking.
00:03:41 Delegate Work Delegating work means handing your workload to someone else and giving them the authority to complete it.
00:04:07 Take Regular Breaks Taking small and regular breaks allows us to relieve our stress and tension productively.
00:04:39 Schedule Email Response Time Emails are critical and a fast and more convenient way to communicate than phone calls, especially in your professional life.
00:05:12 Manage To-Do List Notes A to-do list lists all the tasks you need to carry out in the day or week.

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