Depression and Meditation from Low Audiobook Spotlight by Cyrus Brown

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Depression continues to be a major health concern for older adults, making them more socially isolated and unable to retain their cognitive function. Let’s start with how your brain reacts to depression, particularly with its major triggers like experiences of stress and self-doubt. What meditation does is train the brain for sustained focus, and uses that focus to fight off any kind of negative thoughts, emotions, or physical sensations. With sustained practice of meditation, you will be in a better position to ignore any negativity brought about by stress and anxiety, and will notice a drop in your stress levels immediately.


Many may think that meditation pushes stress aside and blocks out negativity. Meditation and breathing exercises can also help you deal with anxiety. Because of the complex nature of depression, you can be led towards dark thoughts while in a depressive state. More often than not, the thought of meditation to combat something like depression may be met with skepticism.


Incorporating meditative practices into your daily routine is not that difficult, despite it appearing to be a bit odd in the beginning.

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