You Know, It’s Enough Already – Week 52

A year ago, we hardly knew each other. Is it harder for you to believe it has been a year already, or that it has only been a year? Either way, we have made it this far and I am grateful for your readership and followship.

It comes to my mind that this is a good stopping point. If you are a journeyman with me, then after a year of Voice over Working you have made significant progress and learned a lot about the business. Hence, the regular updates and rants have served a purpose, and now we shall progress to other matters.

Recent posts have discussed the development of my podcast (which is now in full production and available on iTunes) and the formation of a business (Newton Media Group LLC). Additionally, I am losing some of my old fuddy-daddy ways and branching out more into social media beyond WordPress – specifically, LinkedIn and Facebook, and soon to Instagram and maybe Twitter and others. I hope to see you in those arenas in the near future!

And thus, the weekly blog posts end, although the daily (weekdays at least) posts begin in the form of the podcast. And as I stand on the shores of my Voice over Work Cape Finisterre, I hope you will join me in discovering your own new worlds.

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