Philosophy. Not as Bad as You Think!

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Classic ideas and ancient concepts broken down for the modern age. A non-academic approach to better living and greater happiness.

Philosophy doesn’t have to be pointless and boring. If we can cut through the difficult language and roundabout reasoning, we’ll find a treasure trove of knowledge and enlightenment. But don’t worry, this is no textbook.

Feeling lost or looking for more? Why not borrow from thousands of years of answers?

10-Minute Philosophy is your quick introduction to philosophy – 6 of the most influential philosophies in history, to be exact. You’ll get a taste of the complexities, but walk away with real, practical advice to improve your life. Philosophy doesn’t need to be an ambiguous thought exercise; this book seeks to make it educational and useful. This is a mumbo-jumbo free zone.

We’ll get straight to the point so you can get back to living your life.

Patrick King is an internationally bestselling author and entrepreneur. His writing draws of a variety of sources, from scientific research, academic experience, coaching, and real life experience.

Understand different philosophies; educate yourself; find a path to what you want.

•Buddhism’s solution for unhappiness, longing, and desire.

Why we should care about Descartes, demons, and dreams.

•Aristotle’s pursuit of the ancient Greek concept of eudaemonia.

How to live in accordance with the Tao and find wu wei.

•Marcus Aurelius and how to turn the obstacle upside down.

The massive cultural influence of Confucianism and what to do about it.

Written for quick consumption and easy understanding. Create your own blueprint for life. 

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  1. Agree! Philosophy should not be seen as a frivolous enterprise valuable only to those with their heads in the clouds and time to kill. The philosopher is the one who in fact knows the fundamental thing – ‘How to Live’. Philosophers are experts in the Art of Living. The question that philosophers like thinking about is ‘what is the meaning of life?’. I talk a lot about history and philosophy (Western and Eastern pbilosophy) in my book “This Is Your Quest”. Check it out!


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