The Upside of Dark Psychology

Dark psychology conjures up images of criminal behavior and generally unpleasant behavior. However, the skills we will explore can also be used to better our lives. Persuasion and manipulation are essential to everyday life and the power to spot deception is invaluable. This book will show you how to learn these important life skills and some psychological tips to help you both at work and socially.

The chapters that follow will provide you with all you’ll need to know to bend people’s ideas to your will. You’ll learn different techniques of dark psychology that will become the primary tools you’ll need.

This book contains

  • What Is Manipulation?
  • Do We All Have a Dark Side?
  • Tips for Dealing with Manipulative People
  • Mind Control
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Manipulation techniques
  • How to Use Psychological Manipulation Techniques to Make your Work and Life Better
  • The Power of Persuasion
  • Mind Control Techniques

After reading the book, you can expect to have greater insight into your own actions and the actions of others. You will have a strong grounding in the mechanics of manipulation, allowing you to make your own decisions about manipulating others, and recognize when others are manipulating you.

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