Not “THE” Pentateuch, but “A” Pentateuch Deal

Dr. Gerald Kiner, the pastor at Jesus People Church in Memphis, TN, is a preacher that is very active in digital media. He regularly posts his messages in various online formats, and has written and published 10+ books. His books draw heavily on KJV Scripture to support his positions, and he passionately entreats the Christian to live the life Christ has intended.

We have previously produced two audiobooks that can be found on Audible:

Unleash Your Sound Mind

Why the Wicked Prosper and Most Christians Do Not.

We now are working to provide five more titles by Dr. Kiner as audiobooks:

  • Happiness Without Sex: A Word of Deliverence From Uncontrollable Sexual Desires
  • 25 Things Every Man of God Should Know
  • How to Eat Live and Play-After Age 40
  • Dream or Die: Secrets of Achieving the Master Dream

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