Ongoing Partnership with Readtrepreneur Begins

It is exciting to let you all know that I have entered into ongoing production with Readtrepreneur Publishing, producing audiobooks of their summary books!

Have you ever found it frustrating to find yourself forgetting MOST of the giant book which you’ve completed almost IMMEDIATELY after you’ve completed it?

Hi, we’re Readtrepreneur Publishing and learning will never be the same again. With our chapter-by-chapter summaries, readers will no longer face retention issues and the lack of motivation. 

Let’s face it. A 300 page book is daunting, it’s scary… And it frightens most people who wants to begin their reading habit and yet never get started… That is why Readtrepreneur Publishing creates these thin and yet super compact and powerful short books that will help you along the way.

Say “Goodbye” to long books and shorter retention and “Hello” to more fun reading and more productivity with your time. Still love reading the original books? No problem! That should be the way. Our summaries will aide you as a perfect refresher and reminder!

Readtrepreneur Publishing

With a library of hundreds of titles in their publishing channel, this is an opportunity to be involved with a great organization producing quality material. Look for a copy today?

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