CBT Workbook for Teens: Essential Coping Skills and Self-Help Activities By: David Lawson PhD

Do fears, excessive worries and anxiety prevent your child from living what should be the best and most carefree years of their life? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just flip a switch and make his or her shyness disappear?

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Have the various strategies that you have used been useless, leaving you with the feeling that you have missed something? Adolescence is a tortuous path. Making friends, first loves, excelling at school, getting a job, dating and many other responsibilities and obligations fill this time of life with new challenges; stressful events that are not always easy to manage.

We don’t all react in the same way. It is normal for adolescents to feel worried or anxious from time to time, such as when starting school or moving to a new place. It becomes a problem when anxiety affects their thoughts and behavior on a daily basis and interferes with their school, home, and social life.

Why should anxiety and shyness prevent your boyfriend or girlfriend from expressing his or her true potential? I recommend that you read and have your child read this manual if, in the past three months, he has been overwhelmed by:•Nervousness and irritability•Sleep disturbances•Provocative behaviour•Outbursts of anger•Distractibility, loss of contact with the outside world•Avoidance•Tendency to excessive programming and control•Depressed mood, negativity, pessimism and low self-esteem.

The worksheets and exercises that you will find inside this book will help you to learn to manage embarrassing social situations with grace and security, so you can establish real bonds with the people you want to meet. Based on proven Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), the skills you learn will also help you speak to yourself when you need them and remove the fear of class projects that put you in trouble. In reality, there is no aspect of your life in which this workbook is not helpful. So why let shyness and anxiety rule your life any more?

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