How Are Mindfulness, Sleep, Exercise, Showers, Chains, & Frogs Connected? Building Self-Discpline!

Mindfulness – A Boon for Willpower
The role of meditation in our lives is proven to have expanded way beyond and is now encompassing the general well-being of human beings across the world. Mindfulness, in simple terms, is a process of travelling inside your body and mind and enhancing your awareness about the ongoing thoughts and emotions within yourself. Science tells that people who meditate regularly for longer periods have more gray matter in the prefrontal cortex, as well as other regions of the brain that support self-awareness. The brain appears to adapt to exercise in the same way that muscles do, getting both bigger and faster in order to get better at what you ask of it. It only makes sense to develop a habit of mindfulness in our daily lives to reap the benefits of mindfulness for developing stronger willpower and improve the quality of our lives.

00:07 Mindfulness – A Boon for Willpower
07:20 Quality Sleep Boosts Willpower
12:08 How to Get Quality Sleep

13:30 Move Your Body & Generate Willpower at Will
17:00 Use Cold Shower
18:40 Don’t Break the Chain
21:30 Eat a Frog

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Quality Sleep Boosts Willpower
There is enough research now to establish that if you consistently compromise and deprive yourself from the required number of sleep hours every night, you are already in the grip of stress and anxiety. Sleep deprivation studies repeatedly show a variable (negative) impact on mood, cognitive performance, and motor function due to an increasing sleep propensity and destabilization of the wake state. If you are truly sincere about boosting your willpower, focus on ensuring that you get the right quantity and quality of sleep every night. You have to create a right atmosphere to get quality sleep.

Move Your Body & Generate Willpower at Will
One simple habit of infusing physical exercise in your day to day life has the potential to improve your self-control to a large extent. Exercise’s effects are not merely restricted to keeping your body fit, they have overarching advantages for mental strength as well. Exercising outside in short spurts have a more powerful impact than longer workouts in indoor gyms or healthclubs.

Use Cold Shower – To Strengthen Your Willpower Muscle
Taking cold showers is in itself an exercise of the willpower muscle. There are scientifically backed up various benefits as well to this exercise. Start Your Day by Eating the Frog Brian Tracy, in his best-selling book, Eat that Frog advised that the very first thing in the morning that you should do is eat the ugliest frog. By ugliest frog, he intends to means your difficult but high-value activity, which, if done, will be a significant achievement for the day and other activities will seem comparatively of lesser importance.

The Power of Self Discipline: Resist Temptations, Control Impulses, Boost Mental Toughness & Willpower, and Create A Life of Success & Abundance
By: Som Bathla

With Self Discipline, all things are possible. Without it, even the simplest goal can seem like the impossible dream.”~ Theodore Roosevelt

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