The Don’t Do List is the New To Do List

Everyone knows the value of the to-do list. Even if you haven’t read about it prior to this book, no doubt you’ve stumbled across tips elsewhere about using a to-do list to increase productivity.

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My point is that everyone inherently kind of knows what they should be doing and when they need to do it by. The act of writing it down just helps remind them. This makes them more likely to do what they know they should be doing—more than if they didn’t have such a list.

Granted, this is mostly common sense and not what you bought this book for. Well, here it is: not everyone knows what they shouldn’t be doing. Along with your to-do list, it’s equally important to make a don’t-do list. Each day, we’re faced with choosing tasks that will create the biggest impact for us, and there are many hidden obstacles.

Again, we all know the obvious evils to avoid when trying to upgrade productivity: social media, goofing around on the internet, watching The Bachelorette while trying to work, or learning to play the flute while reading.

It can be difficult to distinguish between real tasks and useless tasks, and it will require some hard thought on your part.

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