Develop a Mindset to Make You Unstoppable – The Power of Healthy Living Audiobook by Wilson Garcia

Personal transformation leads to wholeness, and if a man could achieve wholeness in his mind, he becomes unstoppable. So, the destination is wholeness which may take a long time to achieve.

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How do we have a whole mindset?

01:14 Here are ways to start your transformation journey;

1. Self-discovery

Self-discovery entails knowing your purpose and assignment; your strength, weakness, stressors, pain point, skills, abilities, and everything that has to do with you that can spur you to take actions towards your growth and greatness.

Achieving health and general wellness may be impossible without self-discovery because it helps you create your growth template. It takes self-discovery for you to know how to lose weight, what is healthy for you for consumption, the area you need to focus on to experience a mental shift, and so on.

03:43 Goal setting

You have probably read hundreds of books on goal setting or taken up courses on this subject, but you have not learned to set goals for your health and wellness. Personal transformation is ineffective without definite and realistic goals in this area.

After finding the “why,” the next step is finding the “how.” If you have discovered why you need to be in good health and be fit. You should find out the strategies to help you achieve it. Goal setting is one of the potent tools for achieving results in life.

08:27 Meditation

No one can separate the power of meditation from personal transformation. Someone asked me a question a few years back: “How do you get to speak this level of wisdom”? The answer wasn’t farfetched. I’m a reader. I love to read quality books, and not just that, I love to meditate on every line till I can get the juice out of it. This is how a man is transformed.

Many people have been skimming books and reading. Reading involves every part of your body; your mind, spirit, and soul. You are relaxed, ready to receive insights that can change your former school of thought to experience a mind shift. I have my pen and journal to record my new thoughts, insights, and ideas. I’m not casual about my reading, and I have seen a remarkable level of growth.

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