Dopamine Detox audiobook: Biohacking Your Way To Better Focus By: Nick Trenton

Yes, it’s that important. In our modern age, we are constantly flooded with dopamine. That might sound like a good thing, but it means that we constantly require more and more stimulation to feel simple happiness. It’s a very, very bad thing. It’s the root of why we can’t accomplish what we want, and why we can’t even feel what we want.

Learn how to reset your focus, productivity, and overall capacity for happiness.

Learn how to detox your dopamine, biohack your nutrition, and master the art of energizing sleep.

Dopamine Detox is a book that teaches you exactly what dopamine is and isn’t. It’s the pleasure hormone, but that doesn’t mean more is better. You’ll get various techniques, all scientifically proven and validated, to regulate your dopamine to healthy levels. You’ll see how 1, 3, and 7 day detoxes can work, and you’ll also learn about the other ways you can prepare your body for peak performance, such as with your gut biome, your sleep, and how small nudges can make you the healthiest person you know.

Easy yet effective strategies to be present, mindful, and in the moment.

Nick Trenton grew up in rural Illinois and is quite literally a farm boy. His best friend growing up was his trusty companion Leonard the dachshund. RIP Leonard. Eventually, he made it off the farm and obtained a BS in Economics, followed by an MA in Behavioral Psychology.

Discover the keys to peak performance in all aspects of life, in 10 minutes a day.

How your environment can be your greatest enemy or ally
What self-compassion has to do with dopamine
The most effective 7-day detox plan that you must follow
The foods, supplements, and diets that fuel us the best
The powerful effects of light and temperature on health and wellbeing
Circadian rhythms and how to make them work for you
What you absolutely need in your bedroom, and what one thing you must keep out

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