Small Talk: Why We Need It and What to Avoid – Unspoken Rules Audiobook Spotlight by Patrick King

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00:01:35 Try to completely avoid the following topics: 1. Appearances 2. Money 3. Sex 4. Politics 5. Religion
00:02:04 Appearances What’s the best way to comment on someone’s appearance?
00:04:32 Why you should avoid commenting on weight, body shape, or eating habits entirely.
00:06:50 Money – Just don’t talk about it!
00:08:30 Sex, Politics, and Religion The classic trio.

Human relationships are built when people increase intimacy, i.e., slowly close the gap between them. But this cannot be rushed. Even two people who are madly in love living happily ever after had to first start with a hello and a little chit chat about nothing in particular.

Many people think that small talk is a hindrance, but it’s actually what makes it possible to have the deep and meaningful conversations.

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