Habits for Success Audiobook by Daniel Walter, Chapter by Chapter

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How often have you promised yourself that you’ll start working on your side hustle in January, only to have thrown in the towel by February? Or perhaps you need to lose weight but can’t seem to stop eating the foods that make you pile on the pounds. Does this sound familiar? Not to worry; it doesn’t have to be like this. There’s a solution—I promise.

To break bad habits, it’s essential to understand the neuroscience behind what drives you to want the cake instead of the apple and to sleep instead of going to the gym. Once you recognize that the brain is designed to learn in patterns, you’ll realize there’s a lot more to your inability to achieve your goals than a lack of motivation.

Most people resign themselves to the false belief that success isn’t for everyone. But it is—if you know how to attain it. You may have listened to all the success gurus, been to all the seminars, and tried all the techniques, but nothing’s working. That’s because there’s a missing ingredient that is rarely discussed, and in Habits for Success, you will learn exactly what that is. You’ll also discover:

How to build self-discipline
Tips on replacing bad habits with proven success-building habits
Strategies to stay focused on your goals
How to transform your environment to prevent bad-habit relapses
Tools to build mental resilience
Habit-building exercises to ensure you achieve your goals
Steps to eliminate procrastination and get stuff done

Despite the number of bad habits you’ve acquired over the years, if you’re willing to diligently apply the principles set out in this book, you can turn your life around within a few months.


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