Setting Boundaries: A Brief Guide to Respecting Yourself and Others

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How to Respect Other People’s Boundaries

Tip 1: Don’t make people repeat themselves.

Tip 2: Don’t punish people for their boundaries.

Even if you do feel upset or disappointed because they cannot fulfill a request, for example, understand that that is about you—your feelings about their boundaries are not their problem, and they are not compelled to act in ways to offset that or “make it up to you” some other way.

Tip 3: Nonverbal cues count, too.

Tip 4: Be open-minded and understand that things can change.

Tip 5: Forgive yourself if you don’t always get it right.

How to Respectfully Assert Your Own Boundaries

Guess what? All the respect and dignity that you are responsible for giving others is something that you yourself are also entitled to! Boundaries are two-way things, and you are perfectly within your rights to know your limits, communicate them, and take action if others don’t respect them.

Tip 1: Communicate clearly, early, and often.

Tip 2: Do not apologize, explain, or justify.

Tip 3: Take your own boundary seriously.

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