The Dangers of Decision Fatigue: How It Can Ruin Your Day

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00:03:21 Make Simple Decisions In Advance.
00:04:09 Fuel Your Body.
00:04:31 Eliminate Distractions.
00:05:06 Refrain From Sugary Food Or Junk.
00:07:53 Spend Time Just Sitting There.

The more decisions we have to make, the more complicated it is to make them, and the more likely we will make the wrong ones.

The ability to make good decisions is inversely proportional to the number of decisions we have to make.

The simpler your life becomes, the less you will struggle to make decisions.

You can devote your energy to work rather than always deciding what to work on.

Make Simple Decisions In Advance.

The more things you decide in advance, the less mental energy you need to spend at the moment.

Try to make as many simple decisions in advance as you can by accumulating them.

When managing decision-making fatigue, the goal is not to eliminate decisions Those who had followed a diet rich in junk food showed reduced hippocampal function, visible in low…

But you don’t have to wait for the much-dreamed-of vacations—every day, we can devote ourselves to what makes us feel good and help us recover the energy to keep going.

It is possible to take time for ourselves and find the energy that can sustain us when we feel we no longer have the strength.

We have things we like (and theoretically make us feel good) and things we don’t like but unfortunately have to do.

Since we are all different, it is impossible to list all the activities that make us feel good.

Each of us knows what we like and don’t like, what makes us feel alive or productive, and what restores our energy or, more significantly, serenity.

First, we need to identify at least five activities that suit us (more, if we feel like it), then we need to decide when, where, and possibly with who to do them.

This, perhaps, is the most challenging part—finding the time to devote to ourselves when we think there is no time.

Even a few minutes to devote to what makes us feel good can give us more energy, an improved mood, and better relationships.

Dividing one’s mental energy into many activities does not allow us to go deep into them.

Deep and dedicated work allows us to do our best by focusing on a single goal without distractions.

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